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Globox Self Tanning Mousse - Vivacious

  • Vivacious is a blend of two color bases making it versatile for most skin types. The mousse often allows for 3-4 full-body tans. Being a rapid formula, it can be left on between 1 and 4 hours depending on your desired depth of color. Mousse should be applied in a circular motion using a tanning mitt. Prepping skin properly and staying hydrated can allow your tan to last between 6-9 days!


    Current Lead Times:  There is currently a national DHA shortage in the US which means lead times for new shipments are between 2-3 weeks.  When you see the product is out of stock, it should not be out of stock for more than 3 weeks.  We will try to keep the site updated on the expected arrival of new shipments.  Due to a high volume of orders, this item will sell out quickly each time it is restocked.